The critically endangered vaquita of the Gulf of California with a population of between 10 and 22 individuals

Over 300 cetacean scientists has recently written an about the current situation for the worlds cetaceans. The letter tell us that the cetaceans are under increasing pressure from human activities, and that more than fifty percent of the living 90 cetacean spices now have a concerning conservation status as pointed out in the article :

“In my experience of working in the field of marine mammal conservation and welfare for over a quarter century, this…


is still in beta (as of february 2020), but is a great tool for quick and easy deployment of React Native apps, especially when just starting with React Native. Though there are still a few reasons to eject Expo and “go Native” when getting more proficient and want access to yet unsupported APIs, I really enjoy and appreciate the workflow with Expo. you had to eject your Expo managed project to get background task functionality, but BackgroundFetch can now perform tasks for your app by using the Native API module behind the scene…

Bjornar Hvidsten

Love grounded spirituality & metaphysics, play the guitar, enjoy full stack web/app development, mainly JavaScript/Node/React/React Native. Ha’atu!

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